International workshop on the impact of Chassis Systems Control on Autonomous Driving 

October 23, 2020

Conference Venue


Luxor Las Vegas is a 30-story hotel and casino situated on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It includes 20,000 sq ft (1,900 meter squared) of convention space, four swimming pools and whirlpools, a wedding chapel, Nurture Spa and Salon, and 29 retail stores.

Our Objectives


Recently, several attempts on simultaneous control of two or more systems have been published in both academic conferences and industrial seminars. Researchers are actively developing advanced tools for systems coordination. This can be relatively simple for systems of the same nature. However, this can grow rapidly in terms of complexity when completely different systems should be coordinated. From a global vehicle motion control perspective, coordination of chassis systems and AD/ADAS is essential. This is particularly important for car manufacturers that need to achieve an optimal global vehicle motion control for their autonomous vehicles. To the best of our knowledge, this international workshop might be the first to initiate a deep discussion on the need of chassis systems and AD/ADAS to converge. Both academic researches and industry leaders are concerned. Different standardizations and different tools are adopted by the two sides. Typically, AI-based techniques and robust deterministic control could be confronted in these discussion. The outcome of this workshop is expected to fall into the development of some hybrid architectures to favor a global conflict-less motion control. Get involved by submitting your latest research to this workshop, or simply join us by participating in the round table gathering experienced researchers and practitioners from both universities and industries.


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